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Some might respond to the health risks of anal sex like a recent commenter on my blog who goes by the name of Jonadab-the-Rechabite :. The observation and conclusion are so similar that it would lead one to conclude that they are either both valid or both non-sequitur. In a broader sense Sodomy might refer to all types of wickedness that were practice in Sodom including homosexuality, whoremongering, prostitution and rape. Podcasts Donations. If I said anal on Christian sex views the mouth was designed for eating so you should not kiss with it, you would probably disagree. Don't miss out.

Is Anything “Off Limits” for Married Couples in the Bedroom?

#Anal Sex in Accordance with God's Will Are you saving yourself for your wedding night? Anal sex is confusing to many Christians because of the attention paid to the . k views · View 3 Upvoters · Not for Reproduction. #You can view further information regarding anal sex according to our world view in the category listing on the right side of every page. #Both of us had a wild past and our views of sex were shaped by our own our faith, we realized that porn was 'out of bounds' in a Christian marriage. but I was pretty sure he was talking about oral sex and/or anal sex which. #Many believers wonder can Christians have anal sex? First, let's find out what sodomy means. Webster definition- anal sex with someone.

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