Yoga – An Amazing Experience

Our memories are made of images, sounds and scents. One of my favorite olfactory memories is the baked apple smell. We all have a scent that sends us back in time or gives us a whole being mood.

Located in the Catskills, this Inn and Spa is a delight. Close to Woodstock and Phoenicia, there is plenty to do around the spa, but a lot to do in house as well.

As yoga evolved in India there has been many myths cropping up over the years of what it is exactly entails. Here are what I believe are the top five myths out there.

I’ve only been to Manuel Antonio once before, and thought perhaps this was a perfect place to get our adventure started. Manuel Antonio is a national park and beach community on the Pacific Coast, which houses tropical forests, white and volcanic sand beaches, clear blue waters, and plenty of shopping, dining and lodging options. For Anna and I, a visit to one of the most beautiful beaches wouldn’t be complete without practicing Yoga on the beach.

The following day, I paid the taxi cab five Reals (less than $1.00) for a lift to the beach. The birds looked entirely different than the seagulls panhandling my local McDonald’s parking lot, but a bird is a bird, a seagull a seagull, a vulture, vulture. The beaches surrounding Garopaba were beautiful and isolated, full of seashells. In the town of Garopaba, it was crowded. The carnivorous birds did not seem to welcome my company. I admit they were scary and awkward standing next to me. Besides, I don’t speak their language. I felt like these beach vultures were waiting for an estranged surfer to make the wrong move.

Why not decide to go straight into the deep end and book a yoga retreat vacation? Some Yoga vacations Montezuma offer a variety of yoga styles. That way you can be sure of road testing the different styles which may help you decide what type of yoga is more suited to your temperament and goals.

You also need to guide them. In some countries yoga retreat guiding is also offered as a college degree. The knowledge required is a serious business.

Yoga needs to be practiced regularly. If you miss out on a day for yoga exercises, you can continue it on the next day. Never over do with the yoga exercised during a yoga retreat.

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