When Your Life Becomes A Prayer Wheel

Anne Mobley had a aspiration to own and manage her personal boutique. In early 2004, Anne opened the initial White Rabbit (which was named following her favorite tune, by Grace Slick and the Jefferson Airplane in the 1960s) in Gardenerville, Nevada with her daughter-in-law. Following retiring from the Contra Costa Water District as a secretary in December 2004, she closed the Nevada store in March and opened White Rabbit Boutique in April 2005.

Now, I would meet this spiritual legend. I was more inspired then intimidated. I experienced an unremovable smile all early morning. Ten o’clock found me at the safety checkpoint in entrance of his home. My name was checked of a list and I had to move through a metal detector. It produced me happy to see the burly Tibetan guards billed to protect the Dalai Lama. I wanted him to be safe.

The most important place of worship for a Hindu is his house where they will have a space or a corner of a room devoted for worship. Traditionally they will place pictures or statues of their favourite gods or goddesses.

The grueling twelve hour journey was uneventful except to put me into a coma as I watched the surroundings go by. Outside my window nice vignettes of every day life in the little rocky villages was capturing my imagination. I favored Nepal and it’s wealthy tribal diversity.

Charming small Tibetan restaurants, espresso houses, and retailers lined the busy bazaar primary street. All around had been colourful Gompas (Buddhist Shrines) and Temples. The village was established against the backdrop of the Dhauladhar mountains, hanging sorta on a slope surrounded by Pine & Deodar forests.

Anne caters to all sorts of spiritual teams. She really does have something for everyone. The checklist of items includes crosses and Rosary beads, for Catholics; Tibetan prayer flags, Prayer Wheels, thangkas, tingshas, bells, Tibetan incense, mala prayer beads and singing bowls for Buddhists; incense, Om symbols and statues of various Hindu Gods; Judica menorahs and the star of David; Angel cards, crystals, fairies, evil eye talisman, chakra kits, and energy totems for New Age beliefs. She also sells Alcoholics Nameless and Narcotics Nameless anniversary chips, as nicely as Stomach Dancing and Red Hats Woman products.

On the way driving back to Lhasa, we were invited to go to 1 of the nearby households just roadside. The family members we visited lived in a conventional wooden house, which was beautifully painted. It was very colorful, and experienced religious decorations all over the place. The home is very simple and have not a lot modern conveniences, but it is beautiful and comfortable.

All guests must have a current visa and Tibet Journey Allow in purchase to go to Lhasa. The application can be fairly treacherous. It is simpler if you work with a Chinese travel agent to aid the software procedure. In remote locations of Tibet, you gained’t find any money trade services. This indicates that if you strategy any treks out of Lhasa you better prepare yourself before you leave the metropolis.

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