Steve Elle’s Fragrance Launch Party At St. Louis’ Hottest Event Space

Are you tired of working in companies or other firms with nothing to show for it? Are you suffering setbacks in your business out there? If your answer is yes, then you need to read on! You can make money on the internet with ease these days. The internet offers you thousands of avenues that can help you become rich even while at home. You can’t afford to be left out in this great cyber age where so many ventures are coming online.

Clear the steam! Ask the children to clear all the steam from the party table (or any space) so you can go on with the party. You fill the space with white balloons and have the children either just clear them or pop them and hide candy inside.

The largest component of creating great wedding lighting, or any other Event Lighting, is to turn down the ambient lighting of the Venue and Event Space to 20 to 30% of its normal luminosity. A dark room, then allows a pallet for the lighting designer. Particularly, if there are lighter walls for uplights. Each individual element can then be lit up and your event becomes romantic, exciting, and dynamic. Every item you brought to it also gets noticed. The Bar will be aglow in a blue huge for instance. The buffet may be washed in a warm glow. If it is a wedding, the cake will be a shimmering star of the event, and everyone will see the well lit wedding gift table. If it is a corporate event, any item of focus will also be showcased.

And, I think you should also visit the “Top of the Bank of America Building.” It’s a short cab ride away (well, I guess you could walk, but those hills are mighty steep.). There you’ll be on the 52nd floor and the views are magnificent, spectacular, etc. Shortly after the movie “Towering Inferno,” a friend went there for a drink. She couldn’t go near the windows because she had an urge to try to jump through them; I doubt she’s been back since. If you plan to have a drink or eat there, the fellows must be wearing jackets and ties. I’ve only attended private functions there so I can’t verify whether the food is really good.

You have no office politics to contend with. I found this very disruptive and it’s very easy to get sucked into it. When you work from home you can work with people that you like and not who you have to. You can have a virtual office environment on the internet and chat to people online. You can also attend networking events to get that social contact. But again this is all about choice – your choice.

The Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter Art for the Heart of the Shelter will be from noon to 4 p.m. at Northland Exposure Artists’ Gallery (110 Main St., Parkville). The gallery will donate 20 percent of the proceeds to FOPAS.

New York is an amazing city. Holding an event there can be a dream come true. The good news is that New York is full of incredible event spaces for you to choose from. Make it a night to remember by celebrating in a space that you will never forget.

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Steve Elle’s Fragrance Launch Party At St. Louis’ Hottest Event Space

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