New Super Mario Bros. U’ Patch Incoming, Pro Controller Support

Nintendo made a big announcement this morning by revealing that the Nintendo 3DS will see a massive price cut, effective August 12, that will make the 3DS $169.99 – down from $249.99.

Joystiq says that Nintendo has found a cool way to make their environmentally-friendly package less irksome with Star Fox 64 3D. The only problem is, they did that with nintendogs + cats as well, but we didn’t see the benefit here.

Wii Miis and 3DS Miis weren’t exactly the same; I was initially a little disappointed that they wouldn’t let me import the Mii I made on the Wii until after I used the Mii Maker to create one, which seemed to miss part of the point to me, as I wished to update and continue using the Mii I crafted and used with such love and care so long ago…

The Nintendo 3DS launch wasn’t perfect, given its lack of a big-name Nintendo title, and the months of waiting for the magento eshop to open. Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime believes that those two problems are now taken care of, and expects an upswing in sales, but still says that they did not launch ahead of schedule.

Simply put, some controllers are a better fit for some games than others. That’s why fight pads and arcade-style joysticks are so popular among the hardcore fighting game community. If you have a wide variety of options, it’s best to use them, rather than try to have everyone conform to a single design.

The highly popular vertical-scrolling shooter gets a 3D makeover (much like Excitebike) with 16 areas to visit and the goal of destroying as many targets as possible. The game comes with a $5.99 pricetag.

So, the choice is yours. Buy a 3DS later, and save the $80 (plus tax), or buy it now, with 10 games for free and 10 games no one else will be able to get unless they buy a 3DS before August 12. Which is more appealing to you?

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New Super Mario Bros. U’ Patch Incoming, Pro Controller Support

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