Family Caregiving: Don’t Forget To Take Care Of You!

Most lice bites are so tiny, usually in red marks and it can be hard to spot. Lice can mainly be seen mostly at the back of the neck under your kids hair. For some kids, rashes may also occur. Some people believe that they are infested even without seeing or capturing a single louse. You know that horrible itching that you can never scratch enough and it drives you nuts. The bad news is also that the saliva of the lice makes people sensitive to the bites and makes the irritation worse, thus increasing the chance of another infection caused by too much scratching.

Drainage of blood or fluid from the incision is a major concern for infection. This is a definite sign of infection. The color of discharge isn’t just red but it can be yellow or even green. A small amount of drainage isn’t too serious. But if the drainage becomes a great deal and continues for some time than it should be looked at by a doctor.

The first thing you need to remember is that is not entirely about you. What I mean is that don’t be swayed by guilt or what others say is “the right thing to do” but rather determine “what’s best” for your parent, first and foremost. Elderly parents change, and sometimes we want to hang on to who they used to be. You must remember they are no longer the caregiver but rather they are in need of a lot more care and attention. This is often a very difficult concept for them to accept.

Instead, they opt for more affordable elderly home care that can enhance their natural beauty such as make up and proper skin care. The skin is the outer layer on the body that must face a variety of elements.

Clearly, you or a loved one will probably need some long term care in the last stages of life. And it’s very costly. It can wipe out all your savings or legacy if you require a year or more of it. So you need to plan for how you can handle paying your LTC costs.

The problem with lice sprays is that they are very dangerous. Their chemicals can be very harmful. Your carpets, rugs, car seats and any other fabric materials may come into contact with these chemicals due to day to day living and it is not good to bring sprays into the house for your families safety.

Eat wholesome foods that reduce inflammation. The doctor should also be able to provide this list, which includes surprisingly tasty choices like cherries. Ask about flax seed oil as a supplement in addition to foods like salmon, with omega 3 oil, and tea, both of which have been shown to reduce or limit inflammation in the body.

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